If there's a way to take an attractive photo of sauerkraut, I don't know it!

This was my second batch of sauerkraut, and it came out much better than the first, even though I didn't really do anything different. (You can find basic information on making sauerkraut on my original post.) The only change I made for this batch was that instead of using a mandoline, I cut the cabbage into 1/8" strips by hand, which turned out to be better all around.

Since this batch was so good, and also since it's not like we eat sauerkraut at every meal, I decided to can it. Sauerkraut cans like pickles, hot-packed and then processed in a simmering hot water bath for 15 minutes (for pints), according to Putting Food By, which is just about as easy as it gets. I can't wait to pop one of these open and top it with some brats and mustard!

Did you do the whole vat-cloth-weight thing, or is there another way to ferment sauerkraut? And did you also find it odd that PFB has instructions for canning sauerkraut but not for making it in the first place?

I have a set of glass crocks, one of which I use as a weight to keep the cabbage under the brine. I don't use a cloth, but I assume that would be to keep down scum and mold on the surface? I just skim that off occasionally.

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