Remember the Feed America on Sunshine shirt that I designed? Mine showed up last week, and I am really happy with how it turned out, especially since I pulled it together in one sleep-deprived evening. Now that we have a president-elect who has actually read (via kottke) the Pollan letter that inspired the shirt, I thought it might be time to show it off:

You can still buy the shirt on Zazzle, and 10% of the purchase cost (all of my proceeds) will be donated to The Food Project. I ordered my shirt on an Edun organic tee because I liked the scoop-neck, but I think I would ultimately recommend the more affordable American Apparel shirts, which have never let me down in the fit or fabric departments.

And I'm no moddle, but I couldn't resist:

What is a moddle?

Just what it sounds like — from the lolcats of the fashion world, LOLVogue. I admit it, I am a Jezebel addict.

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