After weeks of waiting, last weekend it was finally time to take our beer to our friendly little competition. Here are our beers, labeled and ready to go!

And here are all the competitors, lined up in the fridge.

The judging was single-blind, in three rounds. Unfortunately there were more people ready to give opinions (roughly 3,204) than people ready to write them down (1). Our poor statistician didn't see anything other than rows of these little blue cups all night, while the rest of us enjoyed a delicious selection of homebrews and dance music.

So, how did our beers do? Solidly middle-of-the-pack, 4 and 5 out of 10. I happen to like our beers a little better than that, but hey, I made a Belgian white because it's my favorite kind of beer, so it's hardly surprising that I like it!

There was also a label competition. The winner was charmingly named after this pop culture phenomenon, but I was also a fan of the small print on this one.

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