Remember back when I made gouda? Yeah, neither did I, it was fricking ages ago. I was almost shocked to find it, safely tucked away in its red wax coating, when we got back to the states and sorted through our kitchen stuff. It took us another month or so after our return to actually open it up, which meant that it had been aging over nine months — a bit longer than most gouda you find in the supermarket.

The cheese was on the tart and dry side of a regular gouda to begin with, thanks to my over-zealous pressing method, so maybe I should call it a "gouda". Whatever its real classification, the extra few months of aging did amazing things for this cheese. It was richer, stronger, and more nuanced than the block we tasted last December. It had even developed those delicious amino acid crystals that you find in a good parmesan (or good aged gouda). The only problem? This was the last block! I guess it's about time to break out my awesome cheese-press and make another batch.

I totally remember! I was jealous of your cheese press then, as I am now, though I imagine my fruit press would be hurt to hear that (if it had feelings). The "gouda" looks great!

I think a better name than "gouda" is goudanuff. But the best way to describe your "gouda" was damngouda.

My mouth is watering...

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