This month's Daring Cooks challenge is a vegan version of Indian dosas, presented by Debyi from Healthy Vegan Kitchen.

Ladies and gentlemen, this challenge was HARD. Now, I eat a fair amount of vegetarian food, and Indian veggie dishes are some of my favorites, but the line to vegan is one I rarely cross. I am a huuuge fan of dairy and animal fats, and since this is also a low-fat recipe, the urge to slip a little ghee or at least vegetable oil in somewhere was pretty strong. That's not actually what hindered me most in this challenge, however. The real problem was that I was without a non-stick skillet. Without a non-stick pan, I really couldn't get the dosas to cook correctly, though I tried all different heats and even ended up trying puddles of vegetable oil. What finally worked to produce a decent pancake was a medium-thin layer of oil and very low heat, with no flipping. But not before I produced a giant pile of crispy torn dosa corners.

My favorite part of this recipe was the tasty coconut curry sauce, which added some excellent spice and depth of flavor to the milder chickpea filling. And, while I am still no vegan (that's mozzarella I am slicing in the background here) I did learn that I really like almond milk, and I've been enjoying the leftover from this dish with my cereal in the mornings.

Is that spinach and caramelized onions? I can't take my eyes off it, it looks tasty!

The coconut curry sauce was my favorite part, as well. Glad you found something as a winner!

Thanks! My friend, who has been graciously letting us use her kitchen for these projects, actually made the spinach, but yes - and it was delicious!

I need to also note that the crispy fried dosa dough was damn delicious (like my alliteration?) Loved that stuff.

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