Over the weekend I made one of my favorite pies, Dick Taeuber's Cordial Pie, in Brandy Alexander. I've made it a few times now, and (while I always over-chill the filling, resulting in a slightly lumpy interior) it has never failed to be a hit. It's particularly popular with the kind of friends who throw an annual thanksgiving party that requires a half-dozen boxes of wine, an entire refrigerator reserved for Jello shots, and a minimum of four turkeys.

That's because this pie is packing a pretty decent punch: half a cup of alcohol that never sees the heat of a stove. It's essentially a boozy Jello, with meringue and whipped cream folded in to make it almost unbearably rich, creamy, and fluffy. In the '70s, Dick Taeuber compiled formulas for something like 50 different flavors of cocktail pie, and while I've never ventured past the Brandy Alexander (cognac and creme de cacao), 20 delicious-sounding versions are still to be found on the New York Times site. It's even more perfect for a party because it takes about as much time and effort to make as a batch of Jello.

And by the way, that party? Here's what my plate looked like before I made it to the dessert table. I politely decline to post any photos of what anything looked liked after I made it to the bar.

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