New city, new digs, new jobs, new schedules... and a new kitchen. We've made a lot of changes, but things are settling down into something resembling a routine, and I am ready to start cooking (and blogging) again!

Last weekend I did a few things in the kitchen, just warm up exercises, really. I oiled my cutting boards and wooden spoons. I planted some paperwhites and roasted a couple chickens. I made my favorite beer-deglazed chicken stock. (is it possible I haven't posted about my favorite chicken stock yet?! Soon.)

I am still getting used to my new kitchen, figuring out the best layout, storage arrangements, and workflows. It's quite small, although it may actually have more usable storage space than our last kitchen due to its compact layout. The fridge is tiny, the counter space is nonexistent, and the cold water pressure is strangely low while the range's gas flow is unreasonably high. It desperately needs a spice rack. But it is MINE, damn it.

And I can't wait to start testing its limits!

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