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Soon after my first sausage-making experiment, I went ahead and bought the sausage stuffer attachment for the KitchenAid food grinder. Now, this piece of equipment has a pretty mixed review history online, so I was a little worried that I might be cheaping out by not committing to a full-sized sausage-maker. As a serious gadgetphile, this kind of anxiety is always lingering around! Well, I can now honestly say, those negative reviews are absurd. This $10 set of tubes produced perfect sausage with no problems whatsoever. Leaving aside the fact that many reviewers were clearly using the attachment incorrectly (with the grinder blades still attached, perhaps?) I can't imagine how people found fault with this thing! I had no trouble creating a seal with the filling that prevented air bubbles from developing and I found I could easily regulate the shape and size of the sausage just by gently holding the emerging sausage. I imagine there are things on the market that make sausage creation easier, but let me tell you, if you think producing sausage with one of these things is hard, I direct you to the spoons and funnels method.

So what did I make for my test batch of sausage? A simple, recipe-less pork sausage of tenderloin and fatback with lots of garlic and a little nutmeg. The whole project took about 40 minutes, and the result was richly garlicky with that perfect snappy bite and a slightly nubbled texture. I don't think we'll be seeing storebought sausages around here anytime soon!

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