About The Brave Potato


I'm Erica Nofi, an amateur home cook and food hobbyist. The Brave Potato is a journal of my exploration of sustainable eating, traditional foodways, and hands-on cooking.  My husband and I recently returned from a trip through Asia, and The Brave Potato is still catching up with  its detour into culinary tourism. 

At any given moment (when I'm not traveling), you are likely to find at least a few of the following things in my kitchen: culturing dairy products, a new exotic find from an ethnic or farmers' market, bubbling sourdough starter, fermenting pickles, or some sort of offal or uncommon cut of meat. You might also find my fantastic husband, Greg, who is almost always happy to eat my creations.

You can contact me at erica at bravepotato dot com.

This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons License.