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New city, new digs, new jobs, new schedules... and a new kitchen. We've made a lot of changes, but things are settling down into something resembling a routine, and I am ready to start cooking (and blogging) again!

Last weekend I did a few things in the kitchen, just warm up exercises, really. I oiled my cutting boards and wooden spoons. I planted some paperwhites and roasted a couple chickens. I made my favorite beer-deglazed chicken stock. (is it possible I haven't posted about my favorite chicken stock yet?! Soon.)

I am still getting used to my new kitchen, figuring out the best layout, storage arrangements, and workflows. It's quite small, although it may actually have more usable storage space than our last kitchen due to its compact layout. The fridge is tiny, the counter space is nonexistent, and the cold water pressure is strangely low while the range's gas flow is unreasonably high. It desperately needs a spice rack. But it is MINE, damn it.

And I can't wait to start testing its limits!


Things have been a little slow around here, and I'm afraid they're only going to get slower for the next few weeks. I just accepted a new job (hooray!!), and I think cooking and blogging will fall to the wayside while I am getting settled there. I have some very exciting projects lined up for when I get my new schedule sorted out, things that will really get back to the DIY kitchen spirit that got Brave Potato started, so please stick around!


I'm taking a break this week — enjoy the holiday weekend!


I recently ironed out a few formatting errors that have plagued The Brave Potato since day one, and in the process I moved my RSS feed to Your old feed subscriptions are being forwarded, and should continue to work, but if you are having an issue, try updating the link. And of course, please do contact me (erica at bravepotato dot com) or leave a comment if you have any issues whatsoever with the blog. Thanks for reading!


So, it turns out that in the chaos of returning to the States I completely missed The Brave Potato's birthday, which was May 4th. I've been posting here for over a year now — here's to many more!

I'd like to think that I've become a better writer, cook, photographer, and traveler over the course of the last year. I spent one summer eating mostly local, and one spring eating anything but. I've attempted more complex recipes than I ever expected, and tackled several projects I had been planning for a while, like worm composting, curing meat, and making a wild yeast sourdough starter. Perhaps the most important contribution I've made with this blog, however, has been this t-shirt:


That's because not only does it show off your support for sustainable, non-fossil-fuel-based agriculture, it also puts some money where its mouth is. All proceeds* go to The Food Project, a MA-based organization that brings teens from diverse backgrounds together to learn about sustainable agriculture, social change, and public service. And guess what?! You can still buy one! Plus, now you can buy the design on a tote bag too.

*That's my proceeds - 10% of the sale price. The rest goes to Zazzle for printing.


No, I haven't fallen into the South China Sea - in fact, Greg and I arrived back in the US on Monday. Unfortunately we found a rather difficult week awaiting us: moving trucks, long drives, and much worse than that, the passing of two close family members. I'll be continuing with documenting the last month of our trip next week.


One of the reasons that I've been so busy (and therefore still posting about Thanksgiving!) is that Greg and I have been planning something big: starting in late January, we'll be traveling through East Asia for three months. We plan to start in Hong Kong, and then wend our way through southern China, Vietnam, maybe Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and finally back through China to Hong Kong. And you can bet we'll be eating some exciting and wonderful things along the way. The Brave Potato will continue, more or less as usual, until we leave, and then I'll be posting about our adventures abroad, culinary and otherwise, until May.

Now, I am taking a day or two off to enjoy some time with family! Happy holidays to all!

The Brave Potato is traveling on business today. See you on Monday!

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